Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

St. Anna property,on Tinos island, Cyclades

The Island

In Cyclades, a very important group of islands, because of their history and culture, between Attica and Crete, it exists Tinos. Next to the historic, since antiquity, island of Delos and the well known for its cosmopolitan life island of Mykonos, Tinos is a well known island because of its beautiful, forty five, medieval villages and wonderful beaches. The property of Aghia Anna is located towards the southwest area of the island and it is consisted by 5.201,56 m2 of land and a building permission of a villa with a guest house (201,00 m2) and a swimming pool (45,00 m2). The villa is designed following the principles of the island’s architecture in a contemporary interpretation.

Cyclades are special because of their shape, a roughly circular ring of islands, as a result of earthquakes and volcano explosions since antiquity (35.000.000 years ago). The First Cycladic civilization covers the third millennium B.C and develops together with the First Minion Civilization. The island of Delos (is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece. The excavations on the island are among the most extensive in the Mediterranean, since Delos hold a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades


Tinos has Mediterranean climate, which means warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Typical characteristic for the island is the strong day wind during August which keeps the island cool even when the temperatures in Greece are rather high.


Tinos is connected with most of the Cycladic islands, apart from Athens and Piraeus, by ferries, speed boats and by airplane via Mykonos airport.

By ferries: from Athens Piraeus port the trip lasts 5 hours and from Rafina port 4 hours. From Mykonos port the trip lasts approximately 30 minutes and from Syros port the trip last approximately 35 minutes also.

By Highspeed (speed boats): from Piraeus port the trip lasts approximately 3 ½hours and from Rafina port the trip lasts approximately 2 hours. From Mykonos port the trip lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Bus services on the island are provided mainly during daytime and connect the port with the villages of the island. Also there is a heliport close to Aghios Fokas beach, approx. 2 km. from Tinos town.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

The propertyAnd the house project

The site

The site of this property looks over the south west, towards the Aegean sea. At south there is a view of Mykonos and part of the port of Tinos and the Aegean sea horizon up to the west with a view to the island of Syros. If the atmosphere on the island is clear enough, in the middle of this destination someone can see Delos islands and far behind Sifnos and Serifos islands. At the south east of our site and far behind there is Exombourgon Mountain/ Rock and from the north someone can see the dry land meeting the sea and the sky.

Access to the site

Access to the site starts from the north where an old pathway links the site with the main farming road. Since destroying old pathways is something illegal on many of the Greek islands access to the site by car will be allotted using a particular landline from Niko Armao’s property –something that is quite common in Greece and confirmed by the notarial deed.

The house design / architecture

The idea of the house is based on a one storey house with a basement and a one storey guest house well connected with the landscape and the view that surrounds the landscape. The architects of this house used elements of the traditional architecture interpreted with simplicity into contemporary life and aesthetics. Following also the contemporary needs of everyday life, they respected the environment, history and local landscape. The single volume of the house is set against the rich inclinations of the dry land using proportions equal to traditional proportions of a house well connected with the view and the land that surrounds it. The villa designed it is consisted of one master bedroom with a wc, a second bedroom, a bathroom , an open kitchen and living room area, a swimming pool and basement storage space. The guest house is consisted by a kitchen, wc and master-bedroom. The house is designed in a way so as the owner to be able to built it in three different phases. So there are options, such as : one master bedroom and one courtyard well protected by the sun and wind either one master bedroom + 2 smaller bedrooms or one master bedroom and an office space either. For all of these options there is a permission for a guest house and a swimming pool to be built additionally, plus 23,26 m2 for an extended permission.

The house was designed by the architects: Iannis Zachariades, AA Dip, professor at the EMP school of architecture of Athens and Maria Vidali, Cambridge MPhil and PhD candidate,

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View of the house and the guest house from the northwest.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View of the house from the west.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View of the entrance area of the house and the guest house.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View of the house and the guest house from the southeast.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View of the house and the guest house from the southwest.

Cost of property and project construction

The cost of the land and the scheme design up to the stage of the building permission and the building permission including the swimming pool is as arranged by the agent of the property.

Additional costs for the construction of the property.

After the building permission is confirmed someone can apply to bring the electricity supply (electrical installation/ columns) close to his house since this is not an area included to the village borders. Because of the distance of the house from the closest installation this will cost: 30 Euros/ meter, which is approx. 12.000 – 15.000 Euros. The precise price will be set when the route of the electricity installations will be planned by the electricity service and according to the rates set every year. On the other hand a proposal for photovoltaic’s can be investigated by the architects which will bring a different cost, but also a different effect on the environment.

The cost of landscape design on the project will arise according to the creation of a private water tank connected with the village and the permission for using the village’s water supply. This cost will be set by the annual standards.

The interior design and landscape design of the housed followed by the total supervision of the house until the final stage, it will arise, according to the actual deal with the architects for the completion of the project. Then a contract will be set up.

The price for the construction as set by a local construction company, generally including: excavations, shuttering, foundations, insulations, concrete, bricks, electrical installations, heating and air conditioning, telephone and internet installations, plumbing, stone walls, interior and exterior coatings, timber frames, fireplace, concrete pergola, yards by concrete floor, general plan of the exterior space and painting, is approximately 1.200.00 Euros per square meter (there may be an extra charge of 20-25% per square meter depending and the quantity and quality of the materials). The cost for the construction of the swimming pool is approximately 60.000.00 Euros, but this will be reconsidered according to the mechanisms and exterior investments used.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

Ground floor plan of the house.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View towards the southwest side of the property. Mykonos island at the horizon.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View towards the southwest side of the property. Syros island at the horizon.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View towards the east side of the property.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

View towards the northwest side of the property. Syros island at the horizon.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades

The surrounding area of the property location

Kampos is the nearest village to the site location. From the site location to Kampos , it is 5 minutes by car – on a non-asphalt road- and 15 minutes on foot. Kampos is one of the old medieval villages of the island with still many inhabitants, mainly farmers to live in it. In Kampos someone can find a local pastry shop, a café and the first museum created by the contemporary artist Kostas Tsoklis which was inaugurated in June 2011. From Kampos there is an old beautiful path which connects Kampos with Loutra a very old and beautiful village with schools created by Oursoulines and Jesuits since the beginning of the 19th century.

Tarampados is also a nearby village, 10 min by car and 25 minutes on foot from the property location. Tarampados is one of the high lights of the island because of the valley with the beautiful dovecotes. Smaradakito is another traditional village nearby, just 13 min by car, where someone can enjoy beautiful local dishes at the village tavernas.

Agios Romanos is the nearest beach, 20 minutes by car from the site location. This is a wonderful sand beach, with beach trees, a cafe and a local taverna, where someone can easily spend his whole day there enjoying the sea. Very close to Aghios Romanos there is a wonderful beach Apigania which someone can reach only by foot following a picturesque path. Also 20 minutes by car there is the beautiful series of beaches at the touristic area of Kionia, which is also close to the port of the island (8 km, 17 minutes by car away from the property).

Port / Chora

The new port of Tinos is the place where the visitor will find facilities and services which are often found in a small town. The local hospital, police station, most schools and museums, bars and restaurants are located at this area of the island. Thousands of tourists visit Tinos every year, since the island is well known as a national pilgrimage too. Most visitors of Tinos come from Greece, France, Switzerland and Germany and often they buy their own property on the island.

In Tinos there are archaeological and historical monuments in many different locations of the island. Some of the best locations to visit close to Chora is the ruins of Poseidon temple, the historical church of Virgin Mary and the art gallery. Also someone can visit the archaeological museum and the Halepa’s museum (I.T.EP) where often exhibitions are hold. Generally there are many beautiful monasteries such as the monastery of Kechrovounio, also ruins such as the Exombourgon medieval castle and beautiful outlying chapels in the countryside. During the summer time someone can enjoy activities such as scuba diving, sailing and wind surfing, while in the winter time there are climbers and hikers. Tinos is suitable for tracking and country walks through magnificent pathways where visitors can see water-mills and windmills and can also discover unique geological places such as Livada and Volax. The highest mountain on the island is Tsiknias at 750 meters hides the quaint area of Livada. In the summer, there is a cultural festival organized by Tinos Municipality with many theatrical, musical, art performances and exhibitions. Also a well established Jazz Festival at the end of August has always his permanent followers.

Beautiful beaches

There are wonderful beaches on the island surrounded by different landscape and local characteristics. Close to the port area Aghios Sostis, Aghios Fokas and Kionia there are three of the organized long and clean beaches of the island. Stavros, Aghios Romanos, Kolympithra, Hysternia, Aghia Thalassa, Rochari are beautiful beaches located close to small touristic areas still holding a pure local character. Livada beach is well connected with the area of a special phenomenon of granites on the island. There are many more beaches for someone to discover such us Santa Margarita, Apigania, Apothikes and many others.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades


Tinos has 45 different villages, most of them built during byzantine and medieval times. Some of these villages are big enough so as to have their own school and local facilities.The smaller villages use the facilities of bigger villages or those at the port of the island.

Tinos landscape is a composition of natural, cultivated and private land, also outbuildings such as threshing floors and windmills. On the two hundred square kilometers of the island there are approximately seven hundred and fifty chapels, which reflect both of the religious traditions, Orthodox and Catholic, which coexist on the island. Both religious traditions renew the community’s bonds during their festivals, while a local indigenous tradition is created strongly linked with the history and the customs of each place.

On the island there are approximately 10.000 inhabitants, half of them living in Chora and the other half on the villages of the island . The landscape of Tinos offers a unique combination of different sort of places and natural characteristics, such as traditional villages, local architecture and beautiful countryside. A visitor can taste the local cuisine, which is delicious, in the village’s local tavernas. Some of the local dishes and recipes, is Tinos’ cheese, louza, artichokes, capers, local honey and traditional omelette (fourtalia). Also at the villages for those who enjoy the arts, especially marble sculpture, a village to visit is Pyrgos. Pyrgos is full with small marble studios, a place where someone can also find a school of fine arts and a marble museum. Certainly someone will enjoy the hospitality of the locals, especially those who live on the villages.


Unique medieval villages, beautiful pigeon houses and wind mills, Venetian churches and extraordinary stonework and marble work create the architecture of the island.

Aghia Anna / Tinos / Cyclades


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For information about the cost of the property and further details please contact:

Maria Vidali, tel: ++30 6976 973086, email: